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We  have our first plug-in to insert in your webpage; the form on this page, which will directly interact and update the database PublicPIM.  This form is  fully functioning and will be used to collect information for Buyer's Guide.
Please fill in the form as completely as possible to experience  the features which will work on your website. Please fill out completely and use a valid e-mail address.
IMPORTANT:  Click on each tab, and fill out the information on each page, before clicking submit. Bogus entries or registrations with invalid e-mail addresses will be deleted.

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Once the above form is completed and you press submit, a message should appear telling you an email will be sent to the email address you entered.  You will confirm your registration from this email.
You will then be able to login to the OpenDB User Site where we are accumulating information for a Buyer's Guide of Companies and Products that will be helpful for the use of your copy of PublicPIM.

Our 3 Part Process ill explain how to upload and install PublicPIM to your website.



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