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Please take a few minutes to describe how you use  Databases in your current work, how you foresee using them in the future, and whether the work of the OpenDB User Group can benefit you.
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Do you think that using Many to Many relationships can make your applications more powerful?

Do you think there should be an open source structure?
C:/DOS being where all the good stuff was ?)

Would it make your  task simpler if multiple applications were to access and use the same data ?

A lot simpler
Somewhat simpler
Not very much
Not at all

How easy is it for you to be to access these tables with products other than those made by publisher of the database?
Very easy
Somewhat easy
Not very easy
Not at all easy

Are you currently using CHANGE THIS TO CHECK BOXES** with choices of Tools or DB's?
No, I'm using an older version but I plan to upgrade soon
No, I'm using an older version and don't plan to upgrade
No, but I'm using
No, I don't use

Would you change the structure of your database if it would empower your software ?
Yes, definitely upgrade
Yes, probably update
Only upgrade if it had some new features I really needed
No, probably would not upgrade
No, definitely would not upgrade

Would you change to the OpenDB structure if it had the same file format as other vendors, but  used other tools to manipulate it and still offered compatibility?
Yes, definitely change
Yes, probably change
Only change if it had some new features I really needed
No, probably would not change
No, definitely would not change

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