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For Notifications of any Updates or Enhancements to PublicPIM Website Application
Please attach a .vcf file with your particulars for our records only.
      Information will never be sold to anyone.

For communications such as:
  • Providing feedback about or topics of interest to the User Group.
  • Asking questions that weren't addressed on the FAQ page or elsewhere on this site.
  • Asking general  questions.


For communications such as:

  • Sharing technical information about the OpenDB structure and layout with the Group.
  • Uploading problem database files for analysis.
  • Requesting support for the OpenDB Libraries.


Note that the Group provides support on a best-efforts basis.

For all other inquiries, please write or call:

OpenDB User Group
5203 Hwy 3
Dickinson, Texas 77539-6833
Telephone: 832/746-7757

Important! If you choose to share technical information with the OpenDB User Group, it is your responsibility to ensure that your disclosure does not violate any agreements you may have signed in the past. The User Group cannot be held responsible for the contractual commitments of its users or of any individual who chooses to convey technical information to the group.


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