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Below you'll find a list of frequently-asked questions and their answers. If, after reading this page, you still have questions about the OpenDB User Group and its goals, please don't hesitate to contact the User Group via the Feedback page on this site.

Why is the OpenDB User Group necessary?
The OpenDB User Group is committed to publicly sharing the knowledge its users have made available  to the OpenDB "PublicPIM" common database structure definition.
To make the software that demonstrates the functionality available in as many different software languages and for as many different platforms as possible.
To educate the Database user community about the risks associated with vendor control of any proprietary structure/language on which their business may depend.

Who will be invited to participate in the OpenDB User Group ?
The OpenDB User Group believes that in order to increase the level of OpenDB "PublicPIM"
ommon database structure
usage to the maximum number of Database users and publishers that it should be presented like a "Hello World database benchmark and example".
Everyone who produces or publishes databases or database tools would be invited to use the OpenDB  "PublicPIM" common database structure and layout as the most intuitive way to demonstrate their products.
It's subject files should prove to be usable internationally for use in databases on any platform from PDA's to Enterprise size data warehouses.
The Ontology will serve everyone's interests.

What has happened to the OMNIBUS/PublicPIM technology that ASAP Telesis technologies provided?
The OMNIBUS/PublicPIM technology that ASAP Telesis technologies has provided  make up the majority of the documentation and prototype that the OpenDB User Group is presently making available to it's users.
It has since morphed into a product known as "PublicPIM".
Still, the user group is not static and will share and incorporate any OpenDB knowledge and improvements possessed by all users and vendors that join and share with the group.

How is the User Group organized? Who pays for it? Who controls it?
The OpenDB User Group is set up as a non-profit corporation, OpenDB User Group.
It maintains a mailing address at 5203 Hwy 3, Dickinson, TX 77539-6833, though the User Group currently has no permanent staff.
It was funded by donations from the founders listed in our press release.
Leadership consist of representatives of the founders which oversee the User Group's activities.

ASAP Telesis technologies has granted the OpenDB User Group. a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual license to the basic OpenDB ontology known as "PublicPIM". All of the users have been granted an non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual license in the technology for non-commercial use
by the OpenDB User Group.
The copyright and the ongoing development responsibility for OMNIBUS/PublicPIM remain with
ASAP Telesis technologies. 
ASAP Telesis technologies will continue to contribute to the OpenDB User Group any and all enhancements it makes to the OMNIBUS/PublicPIM Technology.

ASAP Telesis technologies underwrote the initial costs of forming the OpenDB User Group and development cost for "PublicPIM" website database application.
It is expected that from this day forward, the User Group will be self-sustaining.

How is the OpenDB User Group going to disseminate this information regarding OpenDB and PublicPIM ?
The User Group will maintain these Web sites: and
We expect these to be the primary vehicles for disseminating information.
The User Group will periodically issue press releases.

Is ASAP Telesis technologies going to license the OMNIBUS/PublicPIM technology to the OpenDB alliance for royalties?
No. ASAP Telesis technologies will not be licensing the OMNIBUS/PublicPIM technology.
Perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free object code licenses for non-commercial use are granted to all registered users of the OpenDB User Group simply for joining.

What will the User Group do if Users change the OpenDB model?
Obviously, the User Group hopes to work with Users in such a way that any changes they wish to make to the model's structure definition can be quickly incorporated into OpenDB, if it improves the presentation, accessibility, or conversion amongst the different platforms.

Why aren't Flat files good enough?
OpenDB User Group promotes its OpenDB model's format as the approved method for presentation or exchange of Database data with other Database systems.
We believe that due to inconvenience, poor performance, and poor accessibility of their specifications, that the preponderance of Database formats are an inadequate and unacceptable solution for presentation and data exchange. Click here for more details on this subject.


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