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Good Morning,

This is an invitation to all who might have an interest in creating Database applications using Ajax solutions.

We will be online frequently for discussions about our freeware PublicPIM website database application.

Our interest is more toward promoting the Many to Many structure of the MySQL database it uses and the power it can bring to applications using any database or solution.

We of course would like to present it to as many people as possible but not everyone is online at the

same time or possibly has no interest in database applications.

Never the less I believe PublicPIM is a first as there are many tools for creating databases but no

examples of a database structure that has unlimited scalability and/or a plan for growing beyond its

current status and being a potentially COMMON structure that can be used for any database application.

We have an ER diagram which shows the plan for adding both images and Adjective Tables and Joins here.

PublicPIM our Website Database Application can be downloaded here:
or installed by using our 3StepProcess script 



Discussions are be held Using Google Groups at

Best Regards,
James M.Orr

Director of Marketing