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Unlimited Records The Many to Many structure and the manner that the join Table records are used allows for an infinite number of records.
Language Ready and User Defined Attribute Labels One of the Maintenance features from the start has been the capacity to edit Labels for attributes in any Left to Right Language. Designs are under consideration for Right to Left and accepting feedback for same.
Pick Lists Drop[ Down Lists - Pick Lists are determined by End-Users. They are the ones who know what they call it. So they should be the ones to call the shot. Help files will include assistance in disciplining the choice of Names so that the Reporting modules will have consistency for Picks and Sorts.

Working Wish List

XML Import/Export & Reporting Investigating periodicals and Groups involved with XML to locate tools and documentation to become part of the OpenDB prototype's repertoire.
eMail as Project Management Working on several different projects/methods of getting eMails out of the proprietary formats and into ASCII delimited for inclusion into an attaching database that could be joined to the OpenDB Subject Tables.


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